Send Your Best Wishes This Diwali with Happy Diwali Quotes

Send Your Best Wishes This Diwali with Happy Diwali Quotes

Diwali and the Best Wishes:

Diwali, the well-known festival of lights, is celebrated all over the world. This is the festival that brings people from every religion and caste together. This is the festival where all Hindus, Sikhs, Jains etc come together to light firecrackers and share sweets among each other. This is the festival that brings in light to our lives along with the immense happiness. Diwali is a festival which calls for everyone to be together and celebrate the season of festivity with new hopes for future. No matter how busy our schedules run we ensure that one the day of Diwali we get a day off to spend with our near and dear ones. All of us come together on this auspicious day to celebrate the victory of good and truth over all evil. The day is marked with lots of Good Wishes from the morning from all those who care for us and wishing our dear ones the best for their lives, enlightening our lives as we light each Diya and exchanging sweets as a gesture of love and blessings.

The Diwali celebrations remain incomplete if we don’t get a chance to wish every single person we know. This is the situation when Happy Diwali Quotes available around us make our day special. No matter how far we are from our beloved people we can always reach out to them with these quotes and express our feelings. These quotes carry our words of happiness and blessings and give the one reading it immeasurable happiness, embalm the distant relatives with warmth, give them the feel of home. What can be a better gift for us than to see a smile on our loved ones?

The Diwali Festivity in 2017

Like every other year, we are eagerly waiting for the Diwali Celebrations in October. All are eagerly waiting for the new templates for Happy Diwali 2017 Quotes. New quotes for Diwali are expected to arrive with new messages. There are various styles of templates are available in the market that provides us with various kind of happy messages. These messages and templates are available to us in different formats like that of JPEG, PDF, and HTML. We can forward the same to all our friends and family by means of SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and other sources of social media.

Have you tried out the new 3D templates available in the market with wishes for Diwali? These templates are very much in demand in the market because of their colourful graphic designs and 3D image. These quotes are livelier and provide more warmth to the ones reading it. No doubt when we read messages that are glittery and has high quality graphic, it tends to attract us most.

Happy Diwali Quotes
Happy Diwali Quotes

How would you like to open an e-greetings card that is very vibrant and high graphic quality and spreads a very warm wish from your beloved friend? You would definitely like to have quotes like that to fill your day with joy of light. These kinds of quotes are highly preferred by people who wish to send the greeting to their relatives staying abroad. Sending our relatives, a quote like this not only embalming for us, but also for the people staying abroad. It provides them with a feel of home away from home. People staying abroad can start their day with warm wishes from their home and then proceed with the day’s work and celebration. One must remember that these messages carry the best wishes and the prayers for safe and happy life ahead.

Different types of Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes:

How many different ways can you think of when you send your warm wishes of happy Diwali to your friends and family? Well if you think it’s only wishing over the phone and sending messages then there are more to it. Try wishing your near and dear ones with variations and with style. Below are few exotic ways for you to share Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes to your loved ones –

  1. Diwali Greetings with colourful Cards: This is the most common way taken up by people to wish all the loved ones staying near them. We all get engaged in wishing our nearby friends with colourful cards carrying warm messages of care along with boxes of sweet. We fill in our love, care and pray for a bright future as we send these messages.
short quotes on diwali in english
short quotes on diwali in english
  1. Diwali Greetings with E-Cards: In the technologically advanced world, where everyone is running through a busy schedule, we hardly get time to go out and meet up with old friends. Does that mean we won’t send our caring wished for Diwali to them? No, not at all. With updated technology we have started sending our warm wished for Diwali with the E-Cards that are available online. You can choose the 3D cards or music cards, fill in your Diwali Wishes and send across the card to your loved ones through social media, e-mail etc.


  1. Diwali Templates: Yet another way of sending the wishes for Diwali. There are many variations available in the templates for Diwali. These are available online for you to download and fill up with Happy Diwali Quotes Images and send across to your friends.
thoughts on diwali in english
thoughts on diwali in english

These are colourful PDFs available that can be edited with various quotes of your choice. Choose the message you want to send to your loved ones and save the new template for sending via email or any social media. When you want to send Diwali templates know one thing for sure that this is highly time saving in nature. These are pre designed PDF files that have the basic designs and set up for the quote ready in them. You just simply need to download the PDFs and edit them as per your preference. You can add JPEG image, warm quotes and save them for any future use.

diwali quotes in hindi
diwali quotes in hindi
  1. Diwali Messages: Sending wishes for Diwali over sms is a very common tradition that everyone follows. This is probably the fastest way one can wish another person. Simply type in your wish and send. You don’t need to access the internet also. This is a one touch solution for Diwali Wishes.


  1. Voice Quotes: Have you ever thought of a voice quote while wishing your beloved friends or a distant relative? This is the ultimate touch from home that you can send to a distant relative during a festival. You can record and customize a voice quote and send it across to the person sitting far away. Imagine how touchy the moment can be for the person, especially when the person is far away from home and it’s a festive time.

You can wish your loved ones in any suitable manner but it is very important that you share these messages and quotes of love with them. This Diwali spread the message of peace, happiness and let the good win over all the evils surrounding us. Let us all celebrate this with some new messages and bring smile on every face.

Happy Diwali 2017 Quotes in English though Language for Diwali quotes are no barriers:

Happy Diwali 2017 Quotes in English are highly circulating across the internet in various forms of messages. Different quotes with different messages are available in different formats and colours. No matter what the quotes look like what lines they are carrying, they ultimately carry the same message of happiness and celebration. All the messages are shared in the English in order to spread the main message of Diwali – Let all the pure and good things on earth take over all evil and make our life peaceful and prosperous.

This 19th October lets plan a glorious Diwali with lots of love, fire crackers, lightings and of course the quotes to carry our wishes to the loved ones. We may not be able to celebrate the Diwali with everyone we know and love, but we can surely spread the love with our lively wishes.

But one might think why these quotes are so important for us? These quotes are important for us as they carry our custom of celebrating the auspicious day of Lord Rama’s Victory over Ravana by lighting Diya along with all known people. These quotes reduce the distance between people and provide all with a touch of happiness, a sense of togetherness no matter how far they are. In our busy schedules of daily life it becomes very important for us that we live these small moments of happiness with our friends and family. Even if we can have them all with us at all times, these are the messages that makes us feel happy of being remembered by them. Diwali is the only festival that unites the entire nation and binds all the people with limitless joy and happiness. This Diwali lets make it big with the loving quotations. Lets add little more tour Diwali memories this year- lets add few more smiles.

As we discuss about Diwali Quotations we must not forget the Happy Diwali Quotes in Hindi. There can be nothing more satisfactory than sending your relatives a message in your native language. Now language is no barrier. Diwali quotes are available around us in various native languages like Bengali, Hindi etc. Think of the moment when these quotes in mother tongue reaches distant relative staying abroad. A quote like that provides the best touch of home for that person. Courtesy the colour GIF and other templates the quotes in local language are brighter than those in English. Usually these quote carry the message of “Subh Deepavali” along with the images of teh sweets like “Laddu” that we wish to share with our loved one on this day of happiness.

Sending a Diwali quote in your local language is like writing a letter full of love and affection. No other language is dearer to us than our mother tongue and that is the reason these quotes are valued way up the one written in English.

Wish Diwali in the Shayari Style:

To add to the charm of sending wishes in local language, there are new greetings messages available in the markets that are stating the words of love and peace in the form of Shayari.

Now what is a Shayari? Shayaris that are shared in the Diwali quotes are small poems that are written with the message to enlighten us with the lights of Diwali and spread the words of happiness. The rhythm of shayaris adds melody to our colourful evening of Diwali. There can be nothing better than a Diwali Evening full of fun, laughter, lights, colour, firecrackers and shayari. Shayari goes hand in hand with any kind of celebration and moment of fun. Quotes in form of shayari can even tell the full legend in 2 lines and share the main message of good winning over the evil.

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