Give Your Homes a New Look on the Festival of Lights – Happy Diwali

Diwali is around the corner, and you must be looking for ways to give your beloved homes a new improved look. So what are the ideas hovering in your head? The colorful Happy Diwali 2017 latest rangoli designs must be one of the ideas. Don’t the rice flour, saw dust and sand creations look ethereal on the floor of your home?  Looking for design ideas? Go online, and you will see a flood of ideas coming your way that you can pick and choose from. There are several books available on the topic too, but if you want a variety of ideas, the internet is your best bet.

rangoli photos
rangoli photos

The latest designs and ideas those are available on Happy Diwali 2017 latest rangoli designs

You must be thinking of doing something different this year. Why stick to the same old boring Rangoli designs, right? Try looking for the traditional designs used in the different states of the country. Look online, and you will find several ideas that are easy and innovative. Select and get going on a festive day.

diwali rangoli designs freehand
diwali rangoli designs freehanddiwali rangoli designs freehand

Add diyas and candles to make your design stand out. All your friends and family will go click-click over your design, and all the praises will come your way. Feeling sad as you are not that good with drawings and artistry? Nothing to worry mate! Go for simple geometric designs like dots and squares. Now, that shouldn’t be too difficult, is it?

You do not need too many colors to make it stand out. A simple two toned colored designs work just fine as well. You can go for contrasting colors. The suggestions are blue and pink, red and white, yellow and orange or any other color than you think will go well together. The rainbow is your option when it comes to selecting the colors and patterns.

Decorate your beloved homes with beautiful rangoli and diyas on Diwali

So what are the things that you are planning for this Diwali? It surely includes a variety of firecrackers and all the different kinds of home decors. Are you planning on a doing a Rangoli this year? If not, then start planning. Nothing looks better than a colorful piece of art on the floor. The art of doing Rangoli designs for Diwali has been going on for ages in the country. You will notice if you search online that there are different styles in different states. You can try using flower petals instead of colors to give it a signature touch.

rangoli design images new
rangoli design images new

The history of doing Rangoli designs for Diwali

You must know that the word rangoli comes from the creating the rows and layers of colors. You must hear this interesting history of Rangoli designs for Diwali. It was first created by the priests as the portrait of the deceased prince of the king in the times of Chitralakshana. The priests drew according to the instruction of the king and then life was breathed into the boy, and he came alive.

rangoli images for competition
rangoli images for competition

The tradition of rangoli has been going on since that period to the times now that you draw at your home. The other popular story that you must have heard from your grandparents is that it was drawn during the times of Lord Rama. It was done to commemorate the coming Shree Ram to Ayodhya.

The people of the city drew designs to welcome their prince just like you do at your homes to welcome the blessings of the gods. There are wet and dry rangoli designs. Choose the design that can be best suited to your ability. You are the artist so let your imagination soar and bring your unique touch to your creation. Go ahead and stun your guests with your creation.

Accent the distinctive divinity with the hues of your emotions

Who said that Diwali is just the festival of lights? It is also the festival of colors. It is the celebration of bringing your near and dear ones together. Just like every year, this year too you must be planning on doing something nice and pretty on your home décor. Are you thinking of impressing the guests with your creations this year? Go ahead and decorate the floor with a colorful rangoli. Happy Diwali Rangoli Images are readily available online so that you can pick and choose according to your needs. Don’t have imagination enough to create different patterns on the floors of different rooms? You have nothing to worry. Let the internet come to your rescue.

The lovely and perfect Happy Diwali Rangoli Images to beautify your homes

Are you worried looking at the complex and complicated rangoli designs that people make on the floor? Scour the internet and find out the one that best suits your ability. You can use add on-s to make the designs stand out. You can look for designs with marigold petals and ‘diyas.’

The internet has various sites that you can look for. There are also images that can be pasted on the floors. Try this technique if you are not at all sure of what to do. Don’t worry this is just another signature trick that most people apply. You can go for traditional designs like peacocks, deities, and floral designs for making Happy Diwali Rangoli Images.

You can go contemporary with geometric patterns and abstract patterns that will make the guests praise your taste and unique sense of ideas. Go for an elaborate plan for the living room and the simpler ones for other rooms. Don’t go too overboard with colors as that can look clashing and too loud. The rainbow is your canvass, and the internet is your best friend.

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