Explore Virtual Ideas to Celebrate Diwali with Your Near & Close Friends & Relatives


Diwali, this one word is enough to create smiles on the face. Diwali is the festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated gracefully all over the Asia. India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and many different parts of Asia, where a large group of Indian is found celebrates Diwali with colors and grace.

happy diwali celebration images
happy diwali celebration images

The happy Diwali celebration ideas are not limited. You can get hundreds of ideas to celebrate this festival online. Whether you want to celebrate Diwali at home or office or college, there are awesome ideas to celebrate the festival. When you celebrate Diwali with your family and friends, nothing is better than that.

happy diwali virtual ideas
happy diwali virtual ideas


Few Happy Diwali Celebration Ideas at Your Own Style?

Each family member, from your kids to grand pa and grand ma help to decorate the home yard, and balcony, entrance of your home with Diya, candle, and lights. Even, special bhog or Prasad is prepared at home to please god Ganesha and goddess Mata Laxmi. People use to celebrate the whole night on this special day with patakas (Fireworks), interesting indoor games (Patti, Caram, Antakshari and more on) and eating different tasty food and snacks (Most of the food are made at home). When it is all about happy Diwali celebration ideas, you cannot forget to offer gifts to each of the family members and relatives. Even making Rangoli is an important part of celebrating Diwali.  Must do things to perform at Diwali,

happy diwali celebration photos
happy diwali celebration photos
  • Decoration
  • Ganesh & Laxmi Puja at home
  • Preparation of a variety of Food at home, special sweet with dry fruits.
  • Arranging a Party
  • Game Planning for Diwali Night
  • Most important thing is Diya, Lighting and cracking fireworks with family.

Hope, this Diwali will be great fun for you and your family when you have one above another great idea to celebrate this glittering occasion.

Virtual Ways to Celebrate Diwali with Happy Diwali 2017 Celebration Images or Videos

Diwali celebration does not complete sans greeting your dear one, family, friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors. Every time it is not possible to send or material gift to your loved ones who are far from you for professional or personal reasons.

happy diwali celebration pics
happy diwali celebration pics

Now you can greet happy Diwali wishes to those family members, relatives, and friends in sending Happy Diwali 2017 Celebration Images or Videos. It is not too hard to get Diwali quotes, images, and videos online. You can pick the best one and send it to your friends and loved ones who are living in abroad or distance states via email or MMS or messages. Diwali messages, wallpapers, videos, images, and quotes can not only be used for greeting purposes but also can be used for your personal use.


  • You can use Diwali wallpaper on your phone screen, PC screen, or laptop screen.
  • You can use Diwali wallpaper with a quote on the same.
  • Diwali images can be framed and hung on the walls at home or your workplace.
  • You can send pleasing and colorful Diwali videos to your friends as greeting message.
  • Diwali images and wallpaper can be used in the form of a screen saver.
  • You can use animated Diwali wallpaper and images of God Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi to create e-cards and send it your friends and family.


So, you can use the Happy Diwali 2017 Celebration Images or Videos not only greet your friends, but also you can use it for your personal use. Make this Diwali happy and happening for your far and near friends, relatives and neighbors with Diwali images and wallpapers and quotes and light up hope of light in the heart for a happy future and prosperity. Diwali is not only enlightening the home with light but also it blossoms every heart with best wishes and mesmerizing quotes.

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